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“Stealpips Robot Isn’t Illegal…This is the way it Performs!” -Matt Delen.
When I saw these lines in one of the emails I recently received, I decided to check out what the heck is Steal Pips and who is Matt Delen. I got at least 3 emails talking about the greatest and the best forex robots ever released in currency trading market. First it was Forex Black Panther and then it was Forex Brilliance and now it is Steal Pips robot. So after searching on google, forex forums and contacting my inner circle trader friends I got the following information.

Matt & StealPips Story:
Matt Delen started off forex trading manually. When he realized that trading manually takes lot of time and patience he decided to try an automated forex robot. As you can probably guess, Matt ended up with heavy losses. Naturally Matt reached at the conclusion that the forex robot he used was a scam. So he decided to create a forex robot based on his profitable manual trading system. Guess what, Matt had incurred heavy losses again. Just when he was about to conclude that trading with forex robots doesn’t work, he noticed mysterious behavior with his trades’ “stop loss” and “take profit” points. That’s when he realized that it wasn’t the robot, but his broker manipulating his trades! Now, Matt is more of a trader than a programmer. So he didn’t have the expertise to create a forex robot that can prevent broker manipulations.

With an almost empty account with the forex broker Matt decided to try his luck in online gambling. That’s when he stumbled on a group of underground black hat programmers in a gambling forum who are experts in creating bots for online gambling. With the help of these programmer geeks Matt developed his new Forex Robot called Steal Pips.

The Steal Pips Robot
Whether you beleive the story what Matt tells or not, I can tell you that some of the Black Hat geeks are pure genius. I mean if they are able to manipulate the results of multi-billion dollar firms like Google, MSN and those online gambling rooms, they can easily program a forex robot which the brokers can’t fiddle with. So I am pretty sure about the quality and performance of Steal Pips robot as an automated expert advisor. Now the only factor which we need make sure is the profitability of trading system on which the Steal Pips robot is built on.
According to the stealPips robot website they have incorporated Automated Price Action Recognition (A.P.A.R) and Trend & U turn Points Detector (T.U.P.D) into this Forex EA. They also have an auto adjusting Fundamental Analysis system though I am not sure how it works exactly. The features such as broker protection and stealth mode together with auto detection of 5 digit forex brokers seems pretty good.

Steal Pips Robot Review:
I suggest you to check out this Steal Pips Review before you buy Steal Pips robot.

More Info: Steal Pips Website

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