What is a Forex Robot?

A Forex Robot is an application which can perform trading by automatically according to the setting provided.
Forex robots are also known as Forex Expert Advisor or EA. Some traders like to call them as automated forex software.

Why should I use a Forex Robot?

There are many advanategeous for using a forex robot instead of doing manual trading. The primary advanatge is that, you don’t have to sit infront of your computer watching trades all the time. Once set, the auto forex robot will take care of all your tradings. Probably the biggest benefit of using a forex robot is that, the robot is a computer program and will not be influenced by human emotions.
A forex trader who performs manual trading is often influenced by emotions like fear and greed. When they suffer a loss, they are afraid to take further risk and enter into another profitable trade. On the other hand when after entering in a trade if the trend is moving to the positive direction, the trader may get greedy and will try to hang-on without closing the trade at the right point. This might eventually lead into losses. A forex robot does not suffer from all these emotional problems. It will keep working according to the original strategy to earn money for you.

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