Best Forex Robots

When you are starting out in forex trading you would surely like to get the best forex robot available in the market. Experienced traders who got lot of money to invest, often buy new forex robots to find out which is the best performing forex expert advisor. However not everyone can spend that kind of money. Hence I thought it would be good idea to list the best forex robots based on customer reviews and user feedback. So here we go.

  1. FAP Turbo:
    The commercial forex trading robot which became a huge success. They constantly update the robot and is currently version 49. The FAP Turbo 50 will be released soon. Don’t worry you will get a free update if you already own a copy of FAP turbo robot.
  2. Forex Megadroid:
    With the success of FAP turbo many forex robot developers started releasing Forex expert advisors in the market. While many of them failed miserably, the Forex Megadroid succeeded to make profits consistently for the past one year.

I will list more forex robots here. If you have personal experience using any automated forex robot and if you are sure that yours is one of the best forex robots then feel free to let us know it and we will list it here.

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