FAP Turbo Review

FAP Turbo is one of the most popular automated forex robots online. In this FAP Turbo review we will see if this is another forex scam or does it really work like the creators claim.

FAP Turbo robot (Expert Advisor) is extensively tested to make sure that user make profits from Forex trades, without spending countless hours and effort it takes to perpetually monitor the foreign exchange market for trends, patterns, etc. round the clock, which is, ironically, the best technique to get the maximum income from currency trading market. The FAP Turbo forex robot automates everything so that you only have to work smart, not work hard, for a quite profitable experience with the highly lucrative Forex trading market.FAP Turbo Review

The developers have put years of study into FAP turbo software system, which testifies its mettle both in backtests and in live trading. Several customer testimonials from expert traders as well as from people who have either little to no experience with Forex trading also prove its effectiveness.

Initial Deposit: FAPTurbo doesn’t call for large sums of money to start trading. As a matter of fact an investment of $50 would suffice. Greater deposits, naturally, will beearn you more returns and lower the risk once you start profiting via FAPturbo robot.

Ease of Use: FAP Turbo robot is as easy as Forex EA (expert advisor) systems get. Just download and install the forex software, and let it run on auto-pilot and watch it bringing in profits to your live account. Better yet, leave the computer connected to internet, go outside, and enjoy the benefits of working smart.

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FAP Turbo Ratings & Feedback

Editor’s Rating:
I would give a 5 star rating to FAP Turbo ifor its ease of use and overall effectiveness of this robot, even for those who claim to be technologically challenged. Above all I have montiored the performance of FAP Turbo robot for the last 2 years and noticed that the developers are constantly providing updates to make the robot even better.

Actual Customer Feedback:

“From my early thoughts I think FAP turbo robot could be used by a novice or an expert. Beginners will love the simplicity while experts will like the ease of use. If you don’t like trading currency automatically then fap turbo is not going to change your mind, but if you don’t mind taking the easy way then this is likely the best product you can get. I highly recommend fapturbo!”
- Portion of a review from forexproductexpert.com

“Yes i have tried fap turbo software with great success! I have now earned $2500 in the last week after investing $1000 into my forex account. I have also tried other Forex software such as Forex Funnel but lost money…”
- Portion of a review from answers.yahoo.com

I have tried FAP Turbo on a live account for few days now. While it’s giving moderate result with the scalping strategy, FAP turbo made excellent profits through its long-term strategy.
-Review by Sam Blazer found on FAP Turbo user testimonials

FAP Turbo Review Verdict:
Our research has shown that FAP Turbo, being an extensively tested and turned out to be a profitable forex robot and is worthy of all the praise it has been receiving. Its ease of use is also another major factor to its effectiveness, as you do not have to be a Forex veteran to use FAP Turbo robot to profit from foreign exchange market.

Sheer ease of use, along with the above factors mentioned, allows us to give the FAPTurbo software package a 5 star rating.

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Product Details

Company Info: FAP Turbo is created by Steve Carletti, an expert in trading using aotomated forex robots. After spending numerous years joining multi-level marketing programs that were dismal failures, he decided to go straight into the heart of the matter, trying to see what made the Forex trading systems tick. The outcomes of his research, combined with his efforts with two of his geek friends Mike and Ulrich, are contained in this Forex robot.

Official Website : www.fapturbo.com

    FAP Turbo Specifications:

  • Easy one click installation.
  • Trades completely on auto-pilot
  • Works on MT4 forex platform which is free
  • Proven to function better on live trading than on testing
  • Exclusive member’s only VIP area within product website
  • With hosted solution there is no need to leave computer on
  • 95.9% success rate
  • Money back guarantee

Price: US $149.00

Refund & Return Policy: 60-day full money back guarantee

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Steal Pips Robot

“Stealpips Robot Isn’t Illegal…This is the way it Performs!” -Matt Delen.
When I saw these lines in one of the emails I recently received, I decided to check out what the heck is Steal Pips and who is Matt Delen. I got at least 3 emails talking about the greatest and the best forex robots ever released in currency trading market. First it was Forex Black Panther and then it was Forex Brilliance and now it is Steal Pips robot. So after searching on google, forex forums and contacting my inner circle trader friends I got the following information.

Matt & StealPips Story:
Matt Delen started off forex trading manually. When he realized that trading manually takes lot of time and patience he decided to try an automated forex robot. As you can probably guess, Matt ended up with heavy losses. Naturally Matt reached at the conclusion that the forex robot he used was a scam. So he decided to create a forex robot based on his profitable manual trading system. Guess what, Matt had incurred heavy losses again. Just when he was about to conclude that trading with forex robots doesn’t work, he noticed mysterious behavior with his trades’ “stop loss” and “take profit” points. That’s when he realized that it wasn’t the robot, but his broker manipulating his trades! Now, Matt is more of a trader than a programmer. So he didn’t have the expertise to create a forex robot that can prevent broker manipulations.

With an almost empty account with the forex broker Matt decided to try his luck in online gambling. That’s when he stumbled on a group of underground black hat programmers in a gambling forum who are experts in creating bots for online gambling. With the help of these programmer geeks Matt developed his new Forex Robot called Steal Pips.

The Steal Pips Robot
Whether you beleive the story what Matt tells or not, I can tell you that some of the Black Hat geeks are pure genius. I mean if they are able to manipulate the results of multi-billion dollar firms like Google, MSN and those online gambling rooms, they can easily program a forex robot which the brokers can’t fiddle with. So I am pretty sure about the quality and performance of Steal Pips robot as an automated expert advisor. Now the only factor which we need make sure is the profitability of trading system on which the Steal Pips robot is built on.
According to the stealPips robot website they have incorporated Automated Price Action Recognition (A.P.A.R) and Trend & U turn Points Detector (T.U.P.D) into this Forex EA. They also have an auto adjusting Fundamental Analysis system though I am not sure how it works exactly. The features such as broker protection and stealth mode together with auto detection of 5 digit forex brokers seems pretty good.

Steal Pips Robot Review:
I suggest you to check out this Steal Pips Review before you buy Steal Pips robot.

More Info: Steal Pips Website

Best Forex Robots

When you are starting out in forex trading you would surely like to get the best forex robot available in the market. Experienced traders who got lot of money to invest, often buy new forex robots to find out which is the best performing forex expert advisor. However not everyone can spend that kind of money. Hence I thought it would be good idea to list the best forex robots based on customer reviews and user feedback. So here we go.

  1. FAP Turbo:
    The commercial forex trading robot which became a huge success. They constantly update the robot and is currently version 49. The FAP Turbo 50 will be released soon. Don’t worry you will get a free update if you already own a copy of FAP turbo robot.
  2. Forex Megadroid:
    With the success of FAP turbo many forex robot developers started releasing Forex expert advisors in the market. While many of them failed miserably, the Forex Megadroid succeeded to make profits consistently for the past one year.

I will list more forex robots here. If you have personal experience using any automated forex robot and if you are sure that yours is one of the best forex robots then feel free to let us know it and we will list it here.

Beginner Forex Trading 5 Tips

Are you a beginner at forex trading? Do you have what it takes to make big bucks from currency trading? Check out our 5 top tips for beginner forex trading if you would like to see how to make profit consistently with forex trading. Forex can be an excellent means to become your own boss or boost your revenue but only if you adopt the right attitude from the beginning. But it’s not a game. Handle it with the honor that it deserves and you’ll be on the right track to success, even as a beginner.

1. Get Educated
Although there are lot of automated forex trading systems in the market that claim that you’ll be able to simply sit back while they shovel in the dollars for you, you still have to know the basics about the forex market and how to trade.

Automated forex software systems (forex robots) surely can save your time. It will also give you a lot of opportunities to trade and when compared they seem to work a lot better in forex trading than in stocks. Nevertheless, you’ve certain options in setting uo these robots and to utilize them successfully you do need to know how they work. Hence you must learn the basics of forex trading even if you are using an automated forex robot.

2. Network with Other Traders
Once you’ve the learned the basics of forex trading and decided to start trading, it is the right time to join some forex trading forums and start reaching out to build contacts with other forex traders. These folks are often ready to share a unexpected amount of their expertise, tips and tricks whenever you ask the right questions in the right way. In other words do not be too demanding and do not waste people’s valuable time with queries whoes answer could easily be found by a simple internet search (e.g. “what is a currency pair?”).

3. Do Not Play Too Long
Many Forex brokers offer demo accounts so that you can get familiar witg the trading techniques utilizing their tradingt platform. Demo accounts are also excellent for trying out new trading systems. However, once you are familiar with the trading platform and tested and confirmed your forex trading system, it is time to start trading with real money.

If you stay in demo mode for too long, you will develop a video gamers mindset – you will get into the habit of doing very risky trades in demo mode just to see what happens. This habit could be very dangerous and wipes your funds out when you do finally go live.

4. Be Satisfied With A Profitable System
A profitable forex trading system is all that you need to make money with forex trading. Your trading system does not have to be perfect or the best system in the world. Profitable forex trading systems are generally simple and will bring out approximately 60% to 80% winning trades. When they lose you’ll not suffer huge loss since you have a stop loss in place. So you should be able to make steady profits.

However, keep in mind that with any forex trading system you will not make profit 100% of the time. Some trades can go bad. If you switch to another trading system just because of few loses you will never be able to produce consistent profits. Stick with a profitable system and it will pay back you great deal over time.

5. Take a Break
Live forex trading is a intriguing work and it is easy to spend almost all of your life in front of the computer, particularly as a beginner trader. To some extent this is natural (say, the first 2-3 weeks) but afterwards you might want to make sure that you also enjoy the real world, or you’ll suffer from burnout. Also if you spend too much time gazing at forex charts or browsing forums it will lead to poor trades or you might end up giving uo forex trading since it does not make you millions overnight.
Hence it is important that you take a break from your computer screen and enjoy other things in life. For a beginner forex trader, the best approach is to consider this as a business and spend sufficient but not too much time on trading.

Hope the above forex trading tips will help you to trade better.

Free Forex Robot

If you are a beginner at forex trading, you are probably searching for a free forex robot which can automate the process of currency trading. You have been told by the so called “forex experts” and forex robot review sites that you can make lot of money with automated forex robots or forex expert advisor. Now you want to know where can you find free forex robot online so that you can download it and start earning money. It is true that with the help of the right forex robot you can really earn big profits. However forex trading is a highly competitive and volatile market. The reality is that most of the free forex trading robots are likely to lose you money than earn profits. Why do I say that? Let me explain…

Are there any free forex robots available online? Yes. You can find free forex expert advisor software programs designed to run on Metatrader4 platform. However you must realize that developing a good FX robot requires considerable time and money and hence it is unlikely that the creator of a good currency trading robot would give it away for free.

But you said there are free forex EA (expert advisor) available online. Do you mean all the free forex robots are worthless? In order to answer your questions let’s examine why a person might develop FX robot at the first place.

  • 1. A trader had developed a profitable trading system and now he wants to make money by selling his system to other traders. So the trader hires software programmers to develop a robot based on his profitable forex system. He then tests it on his account and asks few beta testers to try it out and give their feedback. Once the forex robot is proven to work he will release it into the market. The majority of the paid robots fall in this category. Example: FAP Turbo and Forex Megadroid.
  • 2. Next, there are online marketers who want to make money from forex traders. They might offer you a free forex robot which has limited features and you have to buy a pro version to take the full advantage of their expert advisor. Or they might have something else to sell, example a forex training course or seminar and they are giving away the free currency trading robot to entice you to buy the higher priced forex training.
  • 3. There are experienced forex traders who had developed a great trading system over the years and they might want to automate it so they can make millions of dollars in profit. These are individual traders or financial institutions who spent countless hours on perfecting their system and they most likely would keep the forex robot for their own use. For example: LMD Multicurrency and other participants at the Forex Robot World Cup.
  • 4. Finally there are programmers who are interested than developing automated forex software. These people are not traders and they are more into programming than trading. The problem with such forex robots is that most of them are NOT based on a good trading system. Sure most of these software programmers are generous enough to give away there forex robot for free. However since they are not based on a profitable currency trading system you could lose tons of money if you use them on a live account.

When you are a beginner you are most likely to go for option 2 or option 4. Don’t do that. I suggest you to stay away from option 4 since they will most likely to lose your funds. The option 2 is better. However, this free forex robot will probably not be built from the developer’s best system, because he is hoping to sell that to you later.

Another factor to consider is the ease of use. A poorly designed forex robot can be notoriously difficult to set up and use. Most free Fx robots also lack proper documentation and usage instructions.
You should also consider about the support you will get from the developer. A person who is giving away their expert advisor for free is unlikely to spend his time to provide support for it.

So which is your best option? The best forex robot is of course the one developed by an experienced forex trading expert who is using it on his own account. However it is you won’t get many opportunities to obtain such forex trading robots since most of these traders do not want to sell it. There are exceptions like Forex Robot World Cup where you can buy the winning robots for a limited time. Your best option is to get a paid robot which is proven to work than using a poor performing free forex robot.

Obviously, the free forex robots that are available online will almost certainly not be as efficient as the professional forex robots. I am not suggesting that all paid forex software are better than the free ones. In fact many of the forex robots which are available on sale are useless. However since most of them come with a money back guarantee and you can try them in a demo account and if you find them useless you can get a refund.

Any trader who is serious about earning money with currency trading would probably not prefer a free forex robot or expert advisor. If you still decide to download free forex robot online, make sure that you try it on demo mode before you go live.

The Forex Robot World Cup

The Forex Robot World Cup is a competition held to identify the best forex robot which are not available to general public. That means these are private forex robots developed and used by experienced forex traders for their own use. Once the Forex Robot World Cup championship (FRWC) ends, the winning robots will be available for other traders like you and me.

World Forex Robot Cup Winner:
The winner of The Forex Robot World Cup is already announced. The first prize was won by Drazen, a Croatian trader who developed the best performing expert advisor (EA) called LMD-Multicurrency. You can see the graph of the final result below.

The Forex Robot World Cup Result

As you can see the first two robots consistently displayed their profitability. You can get the Forex Robot World Cup winner robot from 16th February 2010.

Automated Forex Trading

You have heard enough about automated forex trading and its benefits. You know what is a forex robot. But automatic forex trading works? Let’s take a look into the basic working principle of the auto forex trading.

Automated forex trading needs software system which is also known as Forex Robot or expert advisor that can trade automatically for the trader all day and night. Forex trading robots perform this by utilizing of an API or application programming interface that provides them to acquire cost info from your forex trading broker’s internet site and transmit directions that can open and close trades on your forex account.

The most critical aspect of automatic forex trading software is the system which is working behind it. Most foreign exchange trading systems can be automatized so that a software will recognise the trading signals and act on these signals. Acording to the complexity on the system, this could be a simple work for a good software engineer or it could be really complex. Nevertheless however good the computer programmer is, the system should be profitable in the first place. Making it automated will not change the system itself.

Commonly, the program operates on a forex trader’s own computer, which needs to be attached to the net round the clock that the forex ea might need to work. Hence the trader should be having a dedicated PC that onone else utilises. While a trade is open it is important that the currency trading robot can link to close the trade at the correct time, so you do not desire to risk having one of the children close your PC when they are completed working.

At the same time, of course, if the computer usually shuts down or switch to sleep mode when it is left idle for a number of minutes, the traders need to correct this issue that so that the PC remains online. In Microsoft Windows Vista, you can do this quite easily. Open to the Control Panel and then click on Power Options (or System And Maintenance, then Power Options). Here the trader can alter the plan parameters and set the sleep mode option to Never.

There are 2 paths to get an automated Forex Trading application. The first is to have own profitable strategy automatized by a software programmer, as we just discussed. Normally they would utilize a platform such as Metatrader 4. But, this option could have high costs unless you could manage the programming yourself.

The next path to obtain a forex trading software is to purchase one that is developed from a productive forex system by somebody else. There are heap of these obtainable to buy online. As A Matter Of Fact, there are a lot that it could be tough to to find out which one works and which do not.

When you are selecting a forex robot you should not assume that the priciest is inevitably going to be the best performer. The forex trading market place can be very volatile and not all forex software adapt to changes. Therefore verify reviews and discussion forums for feedback before you invest in an auto forex trading system, and always begin in demo account until you are assured that you have the software working in the right way. I can’t stress the last point enough since most the new traders lose their money by strating out in the live account straight away. You need to tweak the settings to get the best performance out of a forex robot.

What is a Forex Robot?

A Forex Robot is an application which can perform trading by automatically according to the setting provided.
Forex robots are also known as Forex Expert Advisor or EA. Some traders like to call them as automated forex software.

Why should I use a Forex Robot?

There are many advanategeous for using a forex robot instead of doing manual trading. The primary advanatge is that, you don’t have to sit infront of your computer watching trades all the time. Once set, the auto forex robot will take care of all your tradings. Probably the biggest benefit of using a forex robot is that, the robot is a computer program and will not be influenced by human emotions.
A forex trader who performs manual trading is often influenced by emotions like fear and greed. When they suffer a loss, they are afraid to take further risk and enter into another profitable trade. On the other hand when after entering in a trade if the trend is moving to the positive direction, the trader may get greedy and will try to hang-on without closing the trade at the right point. This might eventually lead into losses. A forex robot does not suffer from all these emotional problems. It will keep working according to the original strategy to earn money for you.